What is the difference between our series classes and our included intro lessons?

         Our series classes are four weeks long, hour each, and deliver more of an in-depth approach and change in content from month to month. Our included intro lessons are close to the same every week and only a half hour long.

About our Included Intro Lessons

          We offer an included intro lesson for both of our weekly occurring dance events "Tuesday Swing" and "Thursday Fusion". They are meant to give someone of any skill level (like your friend that has always wanted to try it) enough content to have fun through the night and designed to be taken multiple times (although one is enough). No partner required for either 

Tuesday Swing

When: 7pm-7:30pm every Tuesday!

Where: Olympia Eagles Ballroom, 805 4th Ave E Olympia, WA 98501

What: Beginner East Coast Swing, No partner required

Thursday Fusion

When: 9pm-9:30pm Every Thursday starting March 5th 2020

Where: Equal Latin Bar & Restaurant, 520 4th Ave E Olympia WA 98501

What: Beginner Partnered Fusion Dance, No partner required

We are saddened to announce we are suspending Tuesday Swing and Thursday Fusion as well as classes due to the Covid 19 pandemic.  As much as it hurts we feel it is the right thing to do. We hope to do our part in relieving the strain on our medical system as much as possible and to protect our communities' most at-risk members. Thank you all for your support, dancing, and love. It is unclear when we will be reopening our events back up, we will be following the case closely to determine when the best time to reopen. If you have paid in advance for classes we offer full refunds. Please keep dancing in your living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. We are all in this together. Of course, it is a financial loss to us but more importantly, it is our community, our lives, our art. If you want to make a financial contribution to help us cover expenses you can PayPal us at

Thank you all for dancing!