Fusion Partner Dance Workshops!

May 18th

Join us for a day of fusion partner dance workshops with international instructor Justin Riley! (and of course a sweet house party afterward)

Honing Foundations, Connection, and Partnership: The Grammar of Dance.

We will look at the essential components that make groove-based partnership possible in our Fusion dancing. We'll find new expression and movements to a variety of new music and grooves, and all through the use of body shaping, posture, and rhythmic changes. While this class will help students reach an advanced level of dancing and body awareness, it will be taught in a way that is immediately accessible for all levels.

Since 2002 Justin has studied, danced, and taught over a dozen forms of dances in 30 countries. He brings an international and nuanced style to every class, DJ set, and dance he does. In 2005 Justin fell in love with the Blues, Fusion, and Alternative-Blues movement and has never looked back. Since that time, he has become recognized as a world-renowned instructor and community organizer dedicated to more empowered communities and fun

$40 for all workshops or $15 each
Discounts for students or low income.
Half price if you sign up in person at the

last Thursday Fusion!!
1405 Marion Street
Olympia Wa, 98506