*Tuesday Swing will be postponed (01/18)*

Due to a Covid exposure to the organizers Tuesday Swing at the Eagles will be closed January 11th and Friday Salsa January 14th. We are very sorry, especially to the people that registered for classes. Anyone that wants a refund for classes can email us directly. However, we plan on pushing them back. Check your email next Tuesday for updates and rescheduling or fill out one of our online waivers if you aren't already on our mailing list.

Again, we are very sorry! Below is a letter from David Accurso.

Dear Dancers,

           OlyDance considers the health and well-being of our community a priority. With that in mind, we are sending this email for your awareness. I (David Accurso) tested positive for Covid-19 Saturday January 8th from a rapid at home test. My symptoms are very mild. Physically I feel alright, just bummed that I might have exposed people.

           As many of you know I have been testing myself weekly, often on Tuesdays or Fridays before the dances. This week was no exception. I tested negative on Tuesday and Friday. However, Saturday (Jan. 8th) I woke up with a mild sore throat and headache and decided to test again, It read positive.

           As much as I would like to be anonymous in this situation, it is potentially useful information that might help some of you decide how to proceed with isolation and testing in the next week. We will let anyone that tells us of a positive test or diagnosis be anonymous leaving it up to the individual to tell their close contacts in the dance community.

           Because I have been in close contact with Madison (aka Sunny), we feel the responsible thing to do is to close down Tuesday Swing as well as our Wednesday classes for this coming week. We offer a refund or credit to future classes. However, we do plan on pushing them back so we can still have these classes.

           Also, there is a chance we will be closed for Tuesday Swing next week as well. Check your email on next Tuesday for updates.


As always I'm grateful for this community and everything you all have contributed to my life. Thank you!