Who We Are

OlyDance is brought to you by David & Cora Accurso (Left), and Madison Paguirigan (Right)




What we are all about

          If we had to boil our organization down to three things OlyDance's foundation is fun, community, and dance. We work to provide a safe, care-free, and easy-learning environment to dance; Whether that's at one of our weekly dances on Tuesdays/Thursday's or one of our special dance events.

About David Accurso:

A serious student of music and dance, David earned a Bachelors of Arts from the Evergreen State College with a focus in Dance and Comparative Movement.  David’s interdisciplinary approach draws from Lindy Hop, ECS, Balboa, Blues, Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Modern Jazz, Odissi (Indian Classical), Ballet, swimming, and musicianship.  David considers himself a social dancer even though he has won or placed in Lindy, Blues and Fusion competitions as well as recognized for his choreography.  Kabby Mitchell III, Christine Corey, Brenda Russell, Justine Riley, and Frankie Manning have all had a profound impact on David’s approach, and he still seeks out mentors and collaborators to partner with his special type of magic. David has been teaching classes, leading workshops and giving private lessons since 2007, and has since taught around the US as well as internationally. His classes are fun, social, and empowering for the mind, body, and partnership. David's love of dance is contagious.